AGANANG CONSULTING ENGINEERS cc is committed to providing a coherent framework for the continual improvement of its business processes. This framework shall incorporate transparent processes of review, evaluation and action planning which shall be communicated to clients and also strive to exceed the expectations of our clients, aiming for high standards and excellence in all aspects of our business environment that we provide to our endeavors. This will be achieved through th setting of quality objectives to be met and be reviewed on a regular basis.It therefore stands to reason that our resources should be of appropriate competence for the firm to reach its quality goals and this has bearing on our employee recruitment process stringent.Of equal importance is a sustainable drive to invest on the continual development of our resources.


Aganang Consulting Engineers endeavors to assisting with addressing some of the challenges that South Africa is faced with following the new political dispensation.Our involvement is mainly centered on the following:

  • Provisions of opportunities for participation in engineering technical field.

  • Creation and provisions of employment

  • Development for our staff members to maximum of one's ability through involvement at various levels within the firm.



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